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We could offer you:


1. One unit used turntable press OCEM 650

 For more information please download pdf:



2. Refurbished Beton Tiles Grinding Plant

 Manufactur: Schauer & Haeberle

 Manufacture year: 2003

 Machine number: GM-2017-02

 Location: loading in Mintraching       

 For more information please download pdf:



3. Used grinding machine 841S, 6-head

 Manufactur: Schauer & Haeberle

 Manufacture year: 1987

 Machine number: GM-2017-01

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Trade with USED PLANTS

For our customers, we are constantly looking for individual used plants.

Because of our worldwide contacts to stone-producing and stone-processing companies, we are able to find the suitable, used plant, or offer your plant, if you want to sell it.

We are able to overhaul these plants as required and / or adapt them to customer requirements by means of conversion or modernization.

Of course it is also possible to purchase the plant in the original state, or sell it, if necessary.

We will be happy to take care of the dismantling, transport and reconstruction of the plant.

Let us know your wishes, we will work for you.



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